Thursday, September 1, 2011

Curl your hair with a sock...

My sweet Sis-in-law sent me a sweet email. And I love her for it. Watch these videos! Especially if you have long hair...

Here's what she sent me:

Watch this one first:

Make your bun!!

Then watch this one. You will love me:

See the curls!!

Well.....I did it.

Last night.

Here's my bun...

Here are the curls...

Mind you-i havent done any fixing, this is straight out of the bun....and Reagan taking pics with my phone.....My hair was not clean and I could've adjusted the dampness (less damp) and it wouldn't be so poofy. I also think, the longer the hair, the better.

I'm gonna try it on Reagan...

Yay for socks, easy buns and wavy hair!!

Of course, if you're Hutch, you don't need a bun to have curls...

Thanks JO!

Check her out at

Jo's Kithen Table

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