Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love that when I come to Chick Fil A, the manager walks up and helps me carry a baby. She also carried the highchair to the table and disinfected it before putting hutch in. She also sat and played and talked to the kids at the table while I ordered....

She then brought me my order, begged me to stay seated while she got napkins and straws.

Because of all that and fast service, I will take long lines any day.

I HEART you chick fil a and I HEART your manager Cathy in Southaven.

God blesses those who conduct business in a way that honors Him...

A good challenge/encouragement for Shaun and I in his Law practice.

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Julie said...

Oh how I love Chick-fil-a!!! It saddens me greatly that there is not one up here where I live. I go there as much as I can when I'm home and even dream about it sometimes... that's pretty bad I know! There is one half-way to GA and we always stop there and it's so nice to just order and sit down with the kids while they serve us! God bless Chick-fil-A!!!!