Monday, August 8, 2011

A Tiny Bumpy Bentley

We had a wonderful weekend filled with birthday celebrations for Reagan and Hutch, dear friends visiting and Shaun preaching (it was SO good...more to come on that)...

That made for tired babies last night. Bentley was so tired, in fact, that she didn't even wake up when the blood sucking monster from the rice field came into her bedroom and tortured her....

She got eaten up by a mosquito in her bed last night...

And she is a little sad today....

Behind her knee.

On her feet and toes.

All down her arms and on her fingers.

But she is still smiling....and that brings joy to my laundry filled Monday!

Look at that bite on the bottom of her foot! Ouch!

She might walk cute will that be?! She will be like a little 3 month old walking around.

She's 9 1/2 months old and wearing newborn jeans as capri pants :) :)

Btw-my iPhone is doing these pics-so forgive the photo quality.

Any tips for mosquito bites are appreciated!!

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blondie said...

That just makes me want to start scratching! she is a trooper! i've been using witch hazel for everything.

Sarah Hill said...

we still put Jane Ellis in her footy or long sleeve and pants pjs. She's had a few bites (though we don't have too many skeeters in Marion) and if they are particularly red I do a little dose of hydrocortisone cream. But I mostly just pray they don't itch her lol