Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiney - Big and Shiny

Ok - so here's the deal - I'm trying to slowly remodel my blog, while at the same time neglecting my children. So bear with me.

I was in town today - without my AWESOME (insert "it must be nice" inside joke) camera - when I felt this deep need for a Hold on Tight I took my kids outside and took the header photo with my Iphone (insert "it must be nice" inside joke) camera.

I know - it's a little rough - so don't be hatin' on my cameraphone skillz.

They were just all dressed up today - kindof coordinated, per Reagan's request - and very sweet, so I thought I'd dance around in the yard and get a semi-decent but grainy picture of them.

While I was dancing around to get their picture - Reagan was giggling the whole time.

After it was over, I asked her why she was giggling so much -

She said - "I could see your hiney all big and shiny when you were shakin' it in your dress. You got me to smile, alright! I hope the neighbors didn't see." (my mom taught her the "hiney big and shiny" part)

Oh. Dear. Oh. Dear. Oh. Dear.

I might faint.

So you can thank me for taking great interest in showing you my stunning children, because apparently it takes great dance moves that cause me embarrassment also.

And it all happened in the pastor's front yard!

I may owe an apology to many a passer by.

Good Wednesday to you.

now - every time you come to my blog and see that picture - think of my shiny hiney story :) Or wait - scratch that - don't.

I probably should get a new header now.

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jo said...

This is really cute. I'm trying to be a better commenter. I'm always reading though. Funny stuff girl!! Never what what new thing they will come up with.