Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reagan Elaine-our First.

Our first. Reagan Elaine Hair. 7/28/06. It was a hard delivery. Two weeks of labor called for a early induction. Then after 2 hours of pushing-she finally came. Face up and ready to see the world.

She was 6lbs and 8oz.

I was crying.

Mostly because I was happy. A little because I was in pain. A little because I was terrified.

See-I had done a little bit of babysitting as a teen, but I did not do well with little babies. It was uncomfortable to me. I remember telling Shaun I had no clue how to care for a baby or be a mom.

And then something happened...

She came....

and she was ours....

and we cried more....

and it was natural.

I was completely in love.

Now she's 5. Today. And it's bittersweet. She's certainly a princess-she will tell you. And I agree. She's our princess.

She swept in and Shaun and I bonded in ways we never thought possible. She helped our marriage. I think it was a crucial step to Shaun and I being "one flesh". It was like we were working together, for a common goal. And that common goal just happened to be something we both loved with every ounce of our being.

I can remember crying (go figure, me crying) when I realized how much I loved her-and my parents loved ME that much and had given birth to me and done all this bonding with me as a baby. I became even more sorry for not thanking them more, obeying them more.


Reagan was by FAR the hardest delivery but she was by FAR the easiest baby. She rarely cried. Slept through the night at 6 weeks. Ate well. Smiled a lot. She didn't have terrible two's or three's. She was just....good.

Giving me an easy baby was the most perfect thing God could have done. Because a miscarriage and preemies Hutch and Bentley (not so easy) followed.....whew. Don't tell them I said that.

I love her. She's happy. She loves to help me. She loves her brother and sister. I think she loves her daddy most. She is an angel.

I pray she grows to love the Lord and serve him. She tells us often that she wants to be a missionary.....but only if we come with her. We shall see.

So when I look at her-I see a lot of firsts. Both in the past and in the future. For that reason-she will always be special in a way no other can match.

We love you Reagan!

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