Saturday, July 23, 2011

7 years ago...

7 years tomorrow. That's right-7 years ago I married the most wonderful person I've ever known.

We laugh sometimes when we remember a dating conversation where we both said we could not even imagine a circumstance where we would EVER disagree. Not ever. It just would not happen.

Bah ha ha ha....Wrong.

The first few years we were married were such a learning experience....When I say learning, I mean maturing....when I say maturing, I mean growing pains, when I say growing pains, I mean crying, when I say crying, I mean sobbing.

(ok, so all of that was mostly me. Shaun doesn't sob. Nor does he talk about "feeeeelings".... Which is why I was sobbing.....haha!)

We were young, independent, selfish......learning....

I was newly saved and at best immature.

We still have "disagreeing" days, but they are becoming fewer......and I like it.

God knew I needed Shaun. I know he did. There is no other way to explain it. There is not another man in this world that would have put up with me.

Shaun has been faithful to be patient and loving and forgiving over and over again despite my ever-so-slow growth in the Lord.

He is a clear picture of commitment. He is a clear picture of forgiveness. He is a clear picture of godliness with contentment.

It's nothing magical or perfect, our marriage. It's more like an everyday real kind of love. The kind that is familiar and comfortable. The kind that has ups and downs, but the kind that is forever. We know we are both committed forever-and that is a wonderful feeling in a world where nothing seems to last and everyone is telling you that you can never be secure and the next thing will make you happier.

I love that I have Shaun to hold on to. I love that I know he wants to hold on to me...because he tells me :)

He is my rock to stand on and my soft place to land. He is my protector and keeper. His love for me and the kids is made known in his presence and his smile.

My favorite thing about Shaun is that he makes me (and others) laugh. My mind is prone to worry and fret-and he knows it. He works hard to distract me from the "serious" matters that weigh me down.

...(much to my frustration at times.... especially if I'm in childbirth or something I think should be serious).....

He comes in the door singing and smiling and laughing and goofing off and my world is made complete again. (even if I'm fighting off a smile)

His smile and his laugh are contagious. There is no way to explain this joy other than - from the Lord.

Shaun tells me often how it blesses him to come home and see me smiling-i completely understand because I know how his smile blesses me.

See-I'm learning-all the things I love so much about Shaun are typically things I struggle with. He compliments where I struggle. I'm so glad God knows exactly what we need-amen?!

He is a terrific spiritual leader, husband, father, lover......

That lover part was to make you cringe a little....

God could not have created a better man for me. Shaun is my hero and my best friend and not a day goes by where I'm not reminded of his "Shawesomeness" he calls it.

I love you Shaun! Thank you for the man you are. I love your heart of gold. I love your passion for discipling those who want growth in the Lord. I love hearing you teach God's word. Thank you for being an example of recognizing a gift and using it for His kingdom. Thank you for the integrity you show in the workplace-I know God is blessing that.

Happy anniversary! It's been the best 7 years of my life. My days are spent in anticipation of your arrival. My nights are spent dreaming of you....and there is a little drool on my pillow...because I'm drooling over you......noo....It's not slobber, I promise.

I love the here and now, because these are the days we will remember and cherish when we are old. I am not complete without you by my side.

My heart is yours ALWAYS.

P.s. It's really sad that I can't seem to find many pictures of us together!

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blondie said...

happy anniversary! ya'll are MFEO. with love. joni