Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation - Week 2!

We had the privilege of taking two vacations this year. All for less than the cost most families spend on one! IT was amazing!

The second vacation was spent in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Amazing little bicycle community. Although, I avoided the cycling, so that I didn't deliver a baby there on 30A.

It was a wonderful week of lazy beach laying and game playing. And eating. Lots of eating.

We went with my parents, my sister Monica and her clan and my aunt Betty and uncle Moose went too - since Cori and her clan couldn't go.

Our house was ON the beach. First time I've ever experienced that convenience. SO much better than hiking all that beach gear back and forth everyday.

We were also able to leave babies napping and take a monitor to the beach with us...AMAZING.

Also amazing - since I like that word today - Uncle Moose's Wii Bowling. I'm just sayin. It was spectacular. He even did it at times with his eyes closed. Oh, and his victory dance - superbly entertaining.

It's bittersweet that it's over. Bitter because I'm not at the beach playing and bronzing anymore and Sweet because being home means that we are closer to Bentley's arrival.

Since we've been home - I've been in and out of the doctor's office. I'm currently 32.5 weeks and dilated 2 centimeters - for 2 weeks now. Hopefully Bentley will hold out a little longer. We need her to fatten up before she pops out.

Probably won't be popping out - though that would be nice.

My sisters do seem to think I "pop" babies out with much less pain than them because my babies are so little. I beg to differ.

My neighbor did come over the other day and say..."I noticed y'all been gone a good few ain't popped dat baby out yet have ya?"

I looked down at my belly - as that is a clear sign there hasn't been any "poppin" goin on - and laughed. What else was I gonna do?

Anyway - so we wait. And wait. And contract. And wait.

So while we wait - here are some pics from vaca #2.

Monica is preggers too.
She doesn't look preggers here - because she's 14 weeks.
So cut me a little slack, ok?

My tan beauties. Love those kids.

30 weeks and counting.

Noah and his boys - finally!

Little miss Boogie Board.


Mel said...

Cute belly and cute blue suit! Love your new header pic- adorable!

Julie said...

Aww. So fun!! Can't wait to hear when that baby pops out:)