Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey all!

Well, Bentley is here!

Last time you heard from me I had been through magesium treatments and hospitalization for premature labor.  I left the hospital on Friday at 4.5 cm and we thought contractions had subsided.

I began having contractions pretty strong again on Monday.  By monday at 6:30 pm I was cotracting enough that we thought I should at least go get checked out-just to be safe.  In the car on the way there I went into full blown labor...and contractions were 4 min apart.  They checked me as soon as a arrived and I wad fully dilated!

We were excited-but nervous.  I was only 34 weeks and 4 days.  Too early.  They thought my belly looked oddly shaped during contractions, so they did an emergency ultrasound and found Bentley was transverse (feet on left head on right) even though two days before she was head down.  They told me there was no way to  deliver vaginally.  I begged them to try to turn her...they would not.

They rushed me away for an emergency c-section.  I was SO sad.  Little did I know, when they performed the c-section, they found Bentley wedged in my ribs, with one arm stuck.  Glad they didn't try to turn her!  

She was delivered after a difficult c-section and a bruised arm.  She was "depressed" at birth (slow to breathe).  So she went to the nicu. For 7 long days.  Oh man, it was rough.  

She did not have to have any oxygen.  Mainly, they monitored her because she was so so tiny.  

She's doing well now.  Home for 2 days.  She's 4lbs and 8oz.  

Thank you for prayers.  We still need them as we make many trips to the doctor for Bentley.  Recovery for me has proven difficult also.  They had to make an extra internal cut ( thank goodness not externally) to get her out that has created a need for extra recovery time/pain for me.

We are thankful for Gods protection that night.  That we didn't wait a moment longer to go to the hospital.  That the nurses were aware enough to know to do an ultrasound. That the doctor said "no" to turning her, and that Bentley is safe and healthy....and HOME!

I've been told not to take her anywhere largely public until April, because she is highly suceptible to RSV. And RSV in a baby her size is deadly.

Oh, how we love her. She is an angel.

We are so thankful for God's blessings.

Pictures to come!  


Julie said...

Congratulations!! I will be praying for ya'll and little Bently. Gina sent me one pic- she is adorable!! Love you all.

Dave said...

Can't believe that I didn't get to see Hutch before Bentley was born! But, can't wait to meet both of them. Love ya'll and hope to see you soon!!!!!