Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer Vacation

Wow. Been a long time since I've blogged. Partly because we canceled our internet service at home, partly because we've been in Florida 2 weeks out of 4 and partly because I'm 30 weeks preggo and tired.

We've decided to name baby number three, Bentley Jo. We can't wait to meet her.

Summer has been good. Both challenging spiritually and restful. We've read 2 books this summer with our family and friends - Radical by David Platt and Humility by C J MeHaney. Both of which have rocked our worlds. I'm also participating in a women's bible study with IVA MAY. It's changing my life. God has been good.

Reagan turned 4 - and sassy.

Hutch turned 1 - and came alive. He's running around everywhere! He's actually a bit slower walking than crawling. So that's nice for this momma.

I turned 27 - and I waddle when I walk.

Shaun turned - super dad and husband - and has helped so much as I've struggled through back problems with this pregnancy. And mood problems :)

Here are some fun pictures from one of our vacations.

Courtesy of JO Fuhrman. (Who Bentley Jo is named after, by the way).

Hutch decided about the third day he liked the sand.
It made trips to the beach much easier!

I don't think his hair can get any blonder.
Or his eyes any bluer.
He has my heart.

A little peek at my waddle.
Oh, and my adorable family.

That water - is the ocean! It was so beautiful!

Isn't Shaun a hunk?

Reagan and her best friend.
She loves her Ellie "bigger than a t-rex".

The last day - Hutch making a beeline for....
I'm not sure what.
I just know I'm too large to chase him.

More blogdom to come after this second go-round in Florida.


Julie said...

Glad to see some pics and get an update. You look so cute!! I'm way behind in meeting new family members:) Love ya'll!

Mel said...

Looks like y'all had a great time at the beach! LOVE the name Bentley! Too cute.