Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Best Days of my Life...

I'd like to rename the terrible twos and call it the terrible threes. I will say, Reagan is really very well behaved, however, we've had more hurdles this third year than ever. She's more opinionated, more whiny and more intuitive than ever.

I've come up with a top ten list about parenting a three year old:

10. Disobedience can never be cute. (If you must laugh, at least turn your head and laugh.)

9. Interrupting is not ok. (we've been having Reagan put her hand on our arm and wait until we're done talking. It's working great!)

8. No whining allowed. Seriously, nip it in the bud. We allowed a little too much and reaped the consequences by having to reteach.

7. If you're at the store and you say "you're getting a spanking when we get home" and the child is SO sweet between the store and home - you gotta give the spanking anyway. I know, it sucks.

6. Even though I said I'd never say "because I said so" to my children - sometimes there is just no other answer.

5. Meal time is not optional. If Reagan doesn't eat her lunch - we serve up the same plate for dinner, breakfast, etc.... until she eats it....or it molds :)

4. When your child comes to you and says "Mommy, I did not play in the toilet" probably means that some playing in the toilet has occurred.

3. Reagan tells me all the time that I'm her best friend in the world. It's usually because she wants something.

2. "I love you" and "I love you too" are two different kinds of I love you' you must say... "I love you and I love you too."

1. Take advantage of every teaching moment. Reagan is soaking up every bit of what we teach he. EVERY bit. The good and the make it good.

I love being a mom. I am so thankful for the awesome responsibility of raising these kiddos. I have to remember, though, in all my fun that it can't always be fun - because God has required me to discipline. Sin is never cute - no matter how small the one committing the sin is. So I press on through these "terrible threes" (though they aren't even that terrible).... and pray for a more well behaved fourth.

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jo said...

These are so true and funny. I can laugh at your kid right? Ya'll are awesome parents. Hang in there - we're almost to FOUR.