Monday, May 18, 2009


First of all, let me say, I've been learning a new lesson lately. Fortunately, I'm forced to be a little more consistent with it - because Reagan is watching - and it's something we're teaching her to say - because she is SO drama. Our new saying around here is:


I thought I had found something wonderful for Reagan to do. She LOVES washing her hands because she HATES to be dirty. I set her up the other day with some nice lukewarm running water, some pink soap and a stool.

Before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed and she was still in the bathroom singing a perfectly wonderful rendition of Great is Thy Faithfulness while her hands "gringled" (wrinkled) off . I checked on her - and - aside from the wet floor, wall, countertop and clothes - she was doing great. She asked for "just a few more minutes mommy"....and I obliged I went back to housework. About 30 more minutes later I heard her calling for me.

I went to get her and dry off her HANDS only to find................

Mind you - not only were her pants and panties off.
She had poo pooed in the potty - wiped herself with the entire roll of toilet paper,
(which is great for our 60 year old sceptic system)
and proceeded to give her self a "bubble bath in the sink"

She says to me:
"I think I'm stuck...
"aw mom don't be upset - it's no big deal.....
just this thing (the faucet head) hurts a little"

So we might have to change up our strategy with.....
"IT'S NO BIG DEAL" ....because some things just ARE a big deal to me,
like disobedience or doing a plainly ignorant thing - especially when it endangers ones life.

I promise I'm not a horrible mom. I do take care of her - every now and then :)


Shaun said...

I love that she just poses like its an everyday thing to take a little unsupervised dip in the sink.

Julie said...

That's hilarious!

kate said...

she is TOO funny! and getting SO grown up!