Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bye Bye Baby


The view into my baby girl's room at bedtime was a little different from other nights. We took a rail off of her bed - thus making the conversion to a toddler bed. I've never been a fan of toddler beds. I say, just go ahead and do the twin or full - to avoid having to buy a new bed every 2 years. Since Reagan's crib converts by the simple removing of a rail - we decided to give it a go.

She was so excited to go to bed!

I spent a lot of time talking to her about not getting out of bed and then about it being OK if she has to tee tee - I'm sure it was all a bit confusing for her. She seemed to get it, none the less.

A lot of our Saturday mornings are filled with Shaun and I trying to sleep in while listening to baby girl in the monitor do everything from cry for help to sing every song she's ever heard and sometimes a good deal of crying until we finally break down and go get her.

Since we are making headway with the potty training I'm about to make the transition from the night time pull-up to the panties overnight - yikes - so I can't keep ignoring her in the mornings. I know, I know - not one of my best mothering skills - give me a break - I'm a sour girl in the mornings.

Looks like my mornings are about to get a lot earlier. I spent about 10 minutes telling her nite nite and I put extra padding on the floor in case she rolls off. I was sitting on the floor soaking up the moment - feeling sad that she's no longer in need of a crib - when I heard these words:

"OK Mommy, you go downstairs now and let me get some sleep"

I kindof ignored it and continued kissing and hugging on her - wishing she'd reciprocate the thirty kisses I was giving her. Then she felt the need to utter these words in the most frustrated tone she could find:

"Mommy (sounded like mauh-mee), GET OUT! I'll be ok. I a big girl now. See you in the morrow."

So I guess my Tuesday Unwrapped is more of a bittersweet moment. One I won't forget. One that will be followed by many other moments like this. Moments where I realize she is not a baby anymore. Moments where I am somewhat wishing for the past - when she cuddled up in my lap and let me sing to her.

Now I totally understand the book LOVE YOU FOREVER where the mommy crawls in the room and picks up her boy while he's sleeping - just to get a moment of sweet cuddle time. She sings;

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

So for now, I will remember those sweet baby days - and that they are over - looking forward to the next "growing-up" moment. Because these are the moments that make living so sweet and worthwhile. Memories in the making. I thank God for the "growing-up", and I pray he helps me teach my little ones how to live well and right as they get older.

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Tänia said...

LOL! Yes... I relate so much! Sometimes we try to hold on and our little independent spirits are ready to grow up!

Thank you for sharing today!

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