Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That Smiling Face

After a night of horrible sleep filled with tossing and turning, yanking covers off of hubs, listening for the rain and wondering if it would finally be time to close the windows and turn on the AC, I finally found myself falling asleep with the sound of hubs shower running only to hear baby girl cry out in the monitor 20 minutes later.

Whew, longest sentence ever!

I awoke in my usual grumpy morning mood, from my not-so-sweet slumber to drag myself up the 2 sets of stairs - getting grumpier all the way as I witnessed the messes that have to be cleaned today. I began to notice that ever-lingering pregnancy headache along with the hugeness of my belly - and the rest of me, all the while thinking about hunger and breakfast. Quite discouraged already, I continued to let my mind go down a negative minded path when I began to remember that Shaun has late meetings tonight and I'll be alone well into the night.

Poor me, huh?

Oh how Satan wants to win that battle in my mind. And he did for those few minutes.

Until I opened the door to my sweet little girl's room to find......

This smiling face, happy and singing, ready to begin the day - SMILING. Not even a care about the bad hair day she will be having. Oh, the lessons we can learn from our little ones. I love her. She takes my day from drab to fab. She's my constant reminder of a reason to smile. I thank God for my little pocket full of sunshine!

Leave me a comment about what stands out to you today as an ordinary reminder of good.

Thanks Jo's Kitchen Table for the idea for today! Check out her blog!

Also click the link below to read more about Tuesdays Unwrapped.


Here is a quote from her post today:

"if you look for the good, you will find it. It’s there. If you’re looking for the bad then you’ll find that, too. Allow yourself a day to look for the good. Care to share what you’ve found? "


Shaun said...

Awesome. I love her hair like that. She is a reminder to me of trust. No worries. Just smiles and some Beyonce can get you through the day.

Jo said...

such a sweet girl. Mercies are new every morning and we see that in their faces. Till they are about 8.

Tänia said...

She is a cutie alright and I can see why you had a total change of attitude for the day. Great post!

Tänia of Faith Prints

emily said...

ooooo, this post hits close to home. I hear you girl! But I love the 'from bad to fab'...I think that's what you said! Thanks for looking for the good and finding it!

Crissie said...

What wonderful perspective! Thanks so much for sharing...


PS - I LOVE the stripes on your daughter's wall and I adore her messy hair. Completely beautiful.