Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Man Like Mine, Who Can Find?

My day yesterday was just horrific. It was a hormonally imbalanced, snotty child, tee teed in panties (Reagan's panties, though I'm sure there was a little dribble in mine from time to time), falling down the stairs on my rear, migraine headache kind of day.

Literally - all of those things happened - on top of my two sweet sisters leaving town to head back to Mississippi - one of which will be moving to Colorado very soon.

Needless to say, a sad day.

Shaun decided the long day I had called for a quiet evening at home - so he took it upon himself to get his sweet friend Don to teach our Wednesday night bible study (with 1 hour notice). He also came home with a smile - ready to love on me and help out with Reagan and her abundance of tee tee.

After dinner - he told me to sit still at the kitchen table for a minute. He left and about 5 minutes later came back to the kitchen and told me to go downstairs and let him clean the kitchen and get Reagan ready for bed.

As I walked down the stairs, I could smell the sweet aroma. Here is the scene I walked into:

It might be difficult to tell what is going on here - because the lights were so incredibly dim and soothing.

The television was tuned to some sweet music and the tub was filled with bubbles and bath salts! There was a bottle of water and fresh clean towel. He even took the liberty of pulling out my velcro-around-you towel thingy that I haven't worn in ages! And guess what? He didn't even have an "agenda" - just me and the tub.

It was the sweetest thing in the world! What can I say? I have the sweetest man in the world.

I love you, baby!

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