Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upside Down Tomatoes

I've been pretty pumped about having a "box" garden this year. You know, where you build something that looks like a big sandbox and you grow a garden in it. Well, as my belly grows and I think about the hot hot summer and the big big belly - I'm thinking I might scale the idea down a little. I am thinking of doing a couple of pots of tomatoes and having a little herb garden. I may add a few things here and there in pots, like romaine lettuce and possibly cucumbers - we will see. I ran across this idea today - it is so cool - I HAD to tell you about it!

For me, this will be cool. I can hang it right outside my door. I can keep it watered and fertilized easily. NO WEEDING! They say it's easier to keep bugs, birds and other varmets away from your tomatoes!

You get a cheap hanging pot! Yay! That's easy!

You put a hole in said hanging basket.
YAY! Easy, right?!
I am good at putting holes in things.

Take your little tomato plant and pull all the dirt from around the root.
Stick the roots into the hole - from the bottom.

See the roots!

Plant another tomato plant - the right way.
It should look like this.

In a couple of months, it should be nice and beautiful!
Hopefully bearing many tomatoes for lots of salsa and salad!


These are not my actual pictures - but what I plan to do - so I'll let you know how it goes! What do you think?! Is this idea such old news that I'm making a dummy out of myself by posting it?!


Julie said...

That is a great idea. That way you won't have to bend over with your belly to pick them!

cristi said...

so, i've seen 'em upside-down and right side up... but never both at the same time. i like it. i think i might try it at my house!

Jo said...

I'm purely fascinated by this. I've got to get better at tomatoes. Maybe this will be my year!!!

Candice Hair said...

Bring on the SALSA!