Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curly Top Cutie

This is my girl! Her personality is growing more and more every day! She's becoming a bit sarcastic.....and literal, even more things to make her just like her daddy!

This is a picture of her on Easter. We didn't really do the "special Easter dress" thing this year....but I must say, we put together a rather adorable ensemble from what she already had. We also took a little curling iron to her head - and would you believe it held the curl all day?!!

Time with her lately has been so special to me! Some days I think I could explode - I love her so much! She is truly a blessing! How do you love your second born (third, fourth, fifth, etc....) just as much? I know you do - but it just seems impossible right now!

Also, you may want to note the awesome flowerbed behind's our newest creation in the yard this year...thanks to Big Star of West Memphis for the $1.99 Azaleas, mom, dad, Shaun, and my dad's tiller - we've got 10 new Azaleas and a beautifully, handcrafted, one of a kind place to take pictures of something much more beautiful than flowers!

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Julie said...

Aww. She is so cute! I wondered the same thing when I was pregnant with Ruthie's amazing how much more love there is to go around!! The flower bed is pretty too:)