Thursday, March 19, 2009

Roadside Find of the Year - Kudos to Dad

I get laughed at a lot by my friends and some of my family (mainly Shaun), because I might often be seen picking up someone's garbage off the side of the road.

Their trash just might be my treasure.

Before you start thinking weird things about me, let me tell you, I do not get into digging through trash bags....I'm talking about those things people put on the side of the road on Sunday because the big garbage truck with claws is coming on Monday morning to pick it up.

Usually it's furniture, an old window or maybe an old rusty plant stand that can be spray painted. I have fun finding these little treats.....and sometimes, I must admit, the thing might go right back to my curb if I find out it was a piece of "doo doo" to begin with.

I got this trait honestly....from my mom and dad. We used to always stop and pick things up. Mom and Dad have a knack for making something out of nothing.

Hold, please, lest you think we were a "dumpster diving" family.

Remember, it's bigger things. Dad has gotten freezers, vacuums, refridgerators, televisions, cabinets, swings, beds (minus the mattresses) and even antiques......all on the curb.

So when my Mom and Dad called the other day to say they had found a giant doll house on the side of the road....I was a little hesitant.....because I HATE toy clutter.

Mom seems to think that the thousands of toys and books Reagan has aren't enough and she always could use something new.....especially if it goes to MY house.

So I said yes, with great hesitance, thinking we could use it for firewood if it was BUGLY.

Well, boy am I glad I said yes. This GINORMOUS doll house has turned into toy station for my little Reagan. She still has too many toys, but I'm happy to say this house houses all the toys (except the big ones). My dad graciously ran a router bit around the windows to "pretty" them up and he also white washed the wood and painted the roof and base. I'm still debating about how to decorate/paint it. It really is adorable, though. You should all be jealous.

See, I told you - it's huge!
Look how big it is compared to Reagan!

Don't look at how unorganized it is - that really bothers me.
Reagan puts her own toys away so I
have to compromise on the organization thing.

Seriously, though, every toy she owns, including books, is in there.


Now go do some roadside shopping.
This is the BEST time of year to do it!
EVERYONE loves to spring clean - and you can benefit from it!

Thanks DAD!

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Julie said...

That is awesome!! The dresser in my kids' room we picked up about 4 years ago from someone's driveway:)