Monday, March 23, 2009


My heart is heavy for a friend as she struggles with her marriage today.

It's all around us, isn't it? Marriages falling apart, because we are sinners and we want so deeply - in our self - for all things to be all about us and our desires.

What makes us happy - that is our deepest concern. Our feelings and emotions get in the way of reality - and that reality is that marriage is not about us.

Thankfully, my friend knows what it means to pray through these emotions and continue fighting. She said to me - she knows divorce is not an option, because she has entered a covenant and that marriage is designed more for spiritual growth than warm fuzzies.

I learned more from her in our conversation than she probably knows - thank you, friend.

It made me thankful for a believing husband - who agrees that divorce is not an option. Though we may have our hard days - we both know at the end of the day God has created this marriage to make us more holy - and it's not about our happiness.

Two things came my way as I was reading online.

The first is a book called SACRED MARRIAGE by Gary Thomas.
It changed the way I view marriage.

Click the book to visit the site.

The second is this video. As you know, I love John Piper and I love what he has to say here about the marriage relationship and what God desires of it.

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