Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've been tagged, here are the rules:

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So, that's the fifth picture in the fifth file and I couldn't think of anything more fun to blog about! These kiddos are my niece and nephew. Two of the greatest kids I've ever known. I hope to have children as sweet and obedient as them one day. We're working on it. We've had many fun memories with them.....this particular picture was taken at a bowling alley on a fun little family outing.

First is my niece....we'll call her Sweet Girl....since that's her name on her momma's blog. I'd really like to rename her Little Mama. She is quite the great babywatcher/playmate for my sweet Reagan and the many other babies running around on Sundays. She makes fellowship possible for us adults! She's sweet and beautiful and so sensitive to the needs of others. She has such a servants heart. Every time she comes to my house for a night, I end up wishing she lived with me. She's such a big helper. I know her mom won't let her go, so I'll take the special weekend trips we get every once in a while. What can I say? I love this girl. She's so special to me in so many ways. It's so encouraging to watch her learn more about the Bible and to see her mature in the Lord. I'm so proud to call "Little Mama" my niece! You can check out her blog by clicking HERE.

Big Guy is single handedly the most brilliant kid I've ever known. Serisously....beyond his years. I am sure his IQ is greater than mine and Shaun's combined. He has a special place in my heart because my baby girl loves him so much. He is so good with her. He plays with her all the time and I think what she loves so much about him is that he doesn't tote her around like a baby doll. He sits down and reads with her. The sweetest thing ever. Big Guy is the oldest grandchild by a good few years so he's gotten in on some of the fun adult fellowship lately. Especially the games. He's SO good at the games. We're really enjoying watching him grow in the Lord. He is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and I can tell he is learning and growing up to be a young man who pleases the Lord. Chances are, if you have a young one run in a 5k anytime soon, they'll get smoked by this Big Guy. He's quite the runner. I love him so dearly and can't wait to see what God does in his life in the future. You can check out his blog by clicking HERE.

It's such a sad thing - watching these kids grow up - but I know it is inevitable. My prayer is that God would grow my children into such sweet, obedient and useful vessels for Christ as these sweet kiddos. I love them so dearly.

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Jo said...

It makes me cry to hear others talk about my kids. You're sweet and we love you.

Aud Pod said...

hey candice
thanks for your comment.
I read your blog
thank you for your kind words

sethswifeforlife said...

Yes, I agree, they are some cute & sweet kids. And ones that my kids LOVE being around that we wish didn't live so far away. What a proud aunt you are!!!!!