Friday, February 27, 2009

This Beating Heart

This morning we were awakened by an awful storm. We got up to check the weather and make sure the Crawfordsville 60 year old fort was holding up ok. It held up just fine. When we got back in bed, I snuggled up with my honey. My head on his chest. I just lay there for the longest time - awake - listening to his heart beating, and it got me thinking.

That heart of his is the source of so many wonderful things. First of all, it keeps him alive, which I desperately need. That heart gives him love and happiness and smiles and tears. It gives him such sweet words and thoughts about so many people. It's the heart that gives and gives to friends, family and clients expecting nothing in return. It is the heart that loves me - even when I am sinful and ugly. It really is a heart resembling Christ. Best of all - it's filled with the Holy Spirit, which means he will live eternally, heart or not.

Isn't it amazing? The God of the universe, who makes all things, sees to it that our hearts beat within us, making blood flow to every organ, creating life in us - every moment of every day?!

Isn't it amazing? God has created every human being - all with only two things in common - we all have a heart and we're all created for His glory.

Isn't it amazing? God has gifted me with one of the greatest hearts he created - and no - I'm not talking about my own heart - I'm talking about Shaun's.

My prayer today, Lord, is that my heart would grow to be more like the one I heard beating in Shaun's chest last night. Teach me to love like he loves, like You love. Soften my heart, that it might not be driven by negative things. Oh, what an example Shaun is to me and I thank you for putting him in my life. I do not deserve him. I pray You would continue to show me how wonderful and mighty are your works. I want to know the fragility of life and be reminded constantly that you hold my future in your grasp. Teach me, Lord, at the same time, to trust you - for grace for each moment, for each beat of my heart - and help me to know and remember you are sovereign over life and death. I praise you today, my Father and Creator, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made - in your image - teach me to live like it.



Jo said...

such a sweet post Can Can. Thanks for sharing. I love your stories.

cristi said...

did shaun force you to write all that? just wondering;-)

Shaun said...

Thanks for writing this Candice. It means so much today.