Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends and Family Fun Filled Weekend

We had an awesome weekend. It was unexpectedly busy! We began the weekend with a semi-home makeover at Shaun's parents house. We spent a good part of the weekend painting and glazing their once completely wallpapered and bordered dining room. We had such a good time hanging with family and accomplishing a beautiful room for everyone to eat in on Sundays. It looks so good. So good.

We followed that with a nice relaxing night at home Saturday. Reagan was exhausted, so we put her in bed early and cuddled up on the couch for a movie. Those are some of my most favorite times with Shaun.

Sunday was, by far, the most crazy day of them all. After church, we were invited to meet some friends and partake in the Sekisui Southaven all you can eat sushi and hibachi grill deal....except it turned out they weren't very organized and people were waiting for hours just to sit down and wait some more.

We thought we'd do the wait so my sweet friend Nicole and I ran to Target to shop while the boys waited on seats. They called and said they were leaving with our friend Chris and we could meet them at the Sekisui in Midtown. Well, we ended up driving all over Memphis looking for a Sushi place that didn't close for the Super Bowl......since when do restaurants close for the Super Bowl? Dumb. Anyway, we ended up NOT eating sushi....after all that. Nicole and I had a good time laughing at our husbands desperately trying to find a sushi place. We actually almost ditched them and went to Chili's for some girl time.

So by 3:30 we had finally eaten. We ran back to the second feast of the day at my grandparents house. And I mean feast. There was shirmp, pizza, fruit salad, white bean chili, green bean casserole, fruit trays, bread pudding, vegetable trays and more. You wouldn't believe my grandmother. She's incredible. Not many people showed up, so if you're reading this and you're a regular to Meme's for lunch during the week, I'm sure she has leftovers!

Sunday night, our sweet friends Don and Sara had a super duper Super Bowl party. They were sweet to ask us to come hang with them and their family. They are die hard Steelers fans. Sara had the whole place decorated in Steelers paraphenalia....including her entire family. I did manage to get some pictures of the kids playing at the party.

So, needless to say, we had the most crazy weekend EVER! It's Monday and I'm glad to be home from the grocery store with a full refridgerator, full tummy, HGTV playing, baby sleeping, and a warm chair.

Here are the pics of the party. Hope your weekend was as fun filled as ours! We are so blessed to be surrounded with such sweet family and friends. God is good to us. Thanks to all for the fun weekend!

Sara ordered a Steelers cake.
By the way, Big Star in West Memphis has the best cake in town.

Reagan wasn't sure about the 3D glasses.

Zach, Michael and Reagan getting ready to hike the ball.

Posing. They actually stood still for these pictures!

Reagan is so scared of Zach when he wears that helmet.


Jo said...

Go Cardinals and sorry we couldn't take part in the Sushi hunt. We had Pei Wei instead.

Candice Hair said...

Ha! That's funny. We had Pei Wei too! How crazy is that?!