Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daddy's Baby and Mommy's Maybe

Reagan resembles her daddy in every way you can imagine:

She LOVES Cheetos and Lenny's.

She loves bringing me fresh picked flowers.

She makes me laugh....all the time.

She has long, long, long eyelashes.
(Seriously, what dude needs eyelashes that long?)

She has awesome posture :)

She cleans up well

She has beautiful blue eyes.

She's photogenic

She is altogether lovely.
Just like her daddy.

She is like me in 4 ways.

4 little itty witty bitty small ways.

1. She wakes up looking frumpy and acting grumpy

2. She is drama mama (she might get that from both of us)

3. She loves bubble baths

4. She has to have all her ducks in a row.

Well, what do you know?! She IS partly mine! It has finally become clear.

Those ducks didn't line themselves up, and no - I did not do it.

I'm telling you, she has to have it all in order.

Just like me.

She IS my daughter after all!


kate said...

TOO cute !!!!!!

Jo said...

I love this post!!!! She is such a doll and yes the sweetest cutest combination of both of you. Well done on your 22 words. Loved it.

Julie said...

That was cute! I can't wait to see ya'll!