Monday, January 26, 2009

Chores on the Back Burner

Does supreme tiredness mean healthy baby? If so, maybe I have several healthy babies in there.....because I can hardly stay awake. all have been there and understand what happens the first several weeks you're pregnant. You're SO tired.

I have wondered how I would do it with Reagan....when the tiredness set I would take care of her and get all my chores done and cook dinner,
well, the tiredness has set in and I'm just not doing all those things.

I mean, I'm taking care of Reagan, for the most part. She has learned to go tee tee on the big potty and wipe herself.....all by herself...except I did find out the other day that the piece of toilet paper she's been using is the size of a dime....gross!! We worked on that and now she uses the whole roll, I guess that's better than getting that little piece stuck in there. For the most part, she's doing it all by herself.....she just needs a few extra baths.

She watches a little more TV than we usually allow.....and sometimes we both are still wearing pajamas from the night before when Shaun gets home.

Since Reagan has to take priority, she alone takes all my house is a disaster and we are eating out....A LOT.

I don't know how people do it....with a whole brood of kids and one on the way. I know people do, I've seen it done..... so what am I doing wrong?

I will say that cutting the caffeine is a big part of it. I wasn't near as careful with Reagan, but since we've had a miscarriage, we want to be so careful and do everything right. I will have a Dr. Pepper every now and then, but no coffee....and that's what makes my day so.....exhausting.

I dunno, maybe I should enjoy this time.....since I'm not very sick and just tired. Shaun WANTS me to sit around and do nothing, and he is a lot of help when he gets home..... but if you know me, you know I can't stand it. AND he works so hard all day, I don't want him to have to come home and clean house.....and cook dinner.....and fold laundry....and rub my feet.
That's just not right, well all except for the feet rubbing....that's soo right, sooooooo right.

So, for now, when you come to my house, don't be disappointed in me.....I promise I don't want it to look the way it does.....but it just does.

If you have any suggestions or a cheap house lady that will drive out to the boon docks to clean my house.....let me know.

I'm off to the couch.


Jo said...

Get me past this weekend and our company coming on Thursday and then I'm coming over there to be at your beckoned call!!!!!

Seriously - start a list!!!!

sethswifeforlife said...

I totally know the feeling. I fell asleep on the couch 3 times yesterday morning BEFORE noon!!!! While my two little boys wreaked havoc on a "clean" house! But hey, I keep telling myself, the more I rest somehow the more this baby grows.....or something like that!

Candice Hair said...

I know! Straight craziness....I just don't know how you people with all these kids do it. I guess you just do, because you have to. I'm just glad God (usually) gives them one at a time, so you learn and grow as they come.