Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Daddy

Reagan misses you Daddy! She has been talking about you all day.

She wanted to make you soup for lunch and now she's talking about making you some hot chocolate. I keep trying to explain to her that you're not coming home and we're going to see you at church....then she just wants to take the soup and hot chocolate to you.

Who knows?! Maybe we'll show up at your office chocolate in tow. We love you!


SH said...

I love that! Thanks so much. As if it is not hard enough to stay at work with you two at home making videos and bribing me with hot chocolate.

I did notice some dust on the piano.

Candice Hair said...

You would notice dust on the piano :)....I guess I'll have to pass on making you that hot chocolate. Gotta go dust.

Jo said...

ok- now I'm crying. Too precious!!!!

Julie said...

She is so sweet! My kids loved it.