Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Piper Laine Shivley

The past several months have been a little bittersweet for me. My sister Cori and her husband Jake just had their first baby and I'm SO jealous I can't be with them all the time.

When we were kids, Cori and I would have pretend weddings complete with dresses, rings, bridesmaids and of course, make believe husbands. Of course, we always followed that with a baby (which happened to be our baby sister...Monica...we enjoyed dragging her around the house).

For years Cori and I have talked about what it would be like when we had our own children. We'd do things mommies do. Talk, clean, shop, cook, shop, talk, clean....you know. Well, being apart isn't what we had in mind, but God had a different plan.

I miss Cori SO much. She has been such an example to me in so many ways. I never dreamed I'd become a mother before her....but we beat her to it :) She has been so patient and submissive in her wait for Piper as Jake finished Vet school. If I'm allowed to say this, I'm so proud of her!

It's like we have a new level of commonality. We both share a common joy, a joy that is unexplainable until you have a child of your own. It's been so much fun watching Cori and Jake become parents. It's such an exciting thing to share and rejoice in the truly miraculous blessing of a Child.

Little Piper is so precious. She looks so much like Cori (take note, Cori was bald headed for the first two years of her life!). We love Piper and we can't wait to spend the Christmas holiday with Cori, Jake and Piper!

Christmas is going to be so different this year!

This is our whole family!

Josiah and Monica
Candice, Shaun and Reagan
Art (Noah) and Sandi (BooBoo)
Cori, Jake and Piper

Reagan wants to hold her all the time.
She's always asking me to go get Piper.

She's so pretty! Just like her momma!

She stares! All the time! Just staring.
It makes for good pictures!

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