Friday, October 17, 2008

Paint Paint Everywhere!

I know, I know...two posts in one day.

I am kindof taking the day off...since I took an antibiotic on an empty stomach this morning and I've been "tee teeing with my mouth" all morning. That's what Reagan thinks I'm doing....poor thing....she's probably traumatized. I barely made it to the there's no way I could have gotten her she followed me right to the bathroom and watched. Sad, I know.

So you may remember me posting some pictures of our UGLY entryway a while back. It's a work in progress and with a 2 year old that loves to touch and walk through paint, my painting time has been limited. I'm just now finishing up priming and painting our living room and entry way walls AND trim.

I took a couple of pictures...they aren't great, but compared to before...they are nicey nice. See the before pictures first by clicking here. I don't think there are any before pictures of the living room. Just picture wood walls, wood trim and wood floors....dark, dark and dark. It's light and fun now! I'm loving it!

This is the living room.

Check out my make-shift coffee table.
(Shaun's idea)
It's a piano bench with a cabinet door on top.
I love it!
Simple. Simple.

A different view.
With Ursula Madden on the t.v.

Entry way
I'm thinking about this fabric on the little bench/couch.
Too busy or not?

White! I love it!

I decided to paint the kick-plate on the stairs.
You can see that some wood and bad paint
colors remain at the top of the stairs.
I'll get there.....later.

Don't the wood floors look so much better!
I love the contrast now.

It was fun.

I'm glad I'm almost done with this section.

Maybe we'll sell before I have to do the rest! Who knows?!

I'm off to mow. In the cold.

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Jo said...

Woweeeee. Nicey nice! I love it Candice. You've been hard at work. Love the cabinet door, love the entry bench fabric, love the fun new rug. love it all. Now come do my house.