Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Four Teeth Less Wise?

I am in pain today. Great pain. I am also very chipmunk-like today. Two days ago, I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out. See, when you're about 12-17 years old, your wisdom teeth are supposed to descend....mine didn't. Instead they grew backwards. They began to hook into my sinus cavities on top and lay on nerves on the bottom.....so I had to go get them removed.

It was quite painless, until the anesthesia wore off. I was put on a heart monitor and an iv type thing.....and told to count from ten backwards. I made it to nine. :) The next thing I remember....I was home and didn't know where I was. Strange, I know.

I'm hoping removing the teeth didn't make me less wise. I could not be less wise than I already am. I am hoping, though, that I will have less headaches and less pressure in my jaw.

I'm hoping I'll feel up to the wonderful chili and hot dogs we're having at Joanna's house this weekend.

I thought I'd post a picture. So that you could see five very interesting things.....

1. Me with a GINORMOUS face.
2. Me with bed head.
3. Me without a stitch of makeup
4. Me with one swollen eye.
5. It's a good thing I don't put weight on in my face. I'd rather it be in covered places. I'm sure you would too.

Bet this makes your day!
Beautiful, right?!

Now, having posted that picture....I should say I'm glad only 2 people read my blog!

I'm glad for a few more things:

My wonderful husband, for taking such good care of me.
My sweet sweet family for helping when Shaun had to work.
Reagan for being such a good girl ( even though she's afraid of me ).
The sweet friends that have called to check on me and offer to bring soup.
God, for giving me rest during this time.

Maybe I'll have to redeem myself next time I post with one of the cute new family pictures we took this past weekend (before the surgery).


beth said...

Bless your heart! I had that same surgery in high school and it was horrific- I couldn't get out of bed for like 2 days without fainting! I think you look wonderful! Hopefully your headaches will be improved and it will be all worth it. I'll say a prayer for you.

Julie said...

kI'm also a reader of your blog! I love the pics of Reagan- she is such a doll. I wish we could see ya'll more often. Hope you feel better soon. Oh, and your house looks great- wanna come up here to IL and give me some ideas??