Saturday, October 25, 2008

How Snazzy is Your Baby?

We recently bought a Jeep. It has a hard top on it. We don't put the top on a lot since it's so we just pull it into the farmer's barn behind our house. They are so sweet to let us use it.

The problem is there is not a door on the barn, so when it rains, the wind still blows some water into the Jeep. It's not a problem because the Jeep is so rugged and manly (or so Shaun likes to think).

We had made a quick trip to town and made it back just in time to beat the rain one night and left the car seat in the Jeep. It got wet and mildewed. Yuck! I've washed the pad several times. It's not coming clean.

So...I got online tonight to find out if I can get a new cover for the seat. I am SHOCKED at the cuteness.

Problem is, I can buy a new car seat for the cost of these covers.

Another problem is, I don't sew.

Another problem is, I can't find a pattern.

Just for the fun of it, check this site out : Snazzy Baby

I went ahead and linked you to my favorite, in case you want to mail it to me!

If I see you and you have this seat for your baby, I might make fun of you, unless you tell me you sewed it, at which time I will cease laughing at you and ask you to make me one!

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