Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kitty - M.I.C.

Help! Kitty is Missing In Crawfordsville! He must have read my blog. I guess he thought we are really going to have an obedience training course.

We think he's been gone about 2 days now. Poor thing. It's sad really. He's probably not living anymore, and he probably had much worse things done to him than what our little Reagan had been doing. See, we have a bad case of coyotes in the fields around us. He's been doing a good job of climbing up in the tree to flee from dogs and various other things that make him skiddish (is that a word?).

Well......this last weekend, we spent a couple of hours trimming tree limbs. Big ones. Lots of them. So I can't help thinking his disappearance is our fault. Maybe the little guy was afraid of heights that went much higher than those limbs we trimmed.

Regardless, we need a new kitty. We just bought kitty food. We also just bought a snazzy, bling bling bowl! He didn't even get to see his new bowl. So sad.

I often call for the kitty in an awkward sounding high pitched voice. Needless to say, our children imitate us. So now that Kitty is gone, if you're in the neighborhood, you may hear Reagan walking around the yard calling, "kitty kitty, here kitty kitty".......instead of singing her favorite tunes.

I have been telling her we'll have to get another kitty to feed all this food. So just a moment ago as I'm looking through a cookbook to decide what to have for supper, she tells me "mommy, I eat kitty food supper. Want some?"

I'm off to whip up a Friskies casserole.

If you see an orange kitty named Kitty. Send him our way.

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Ashley Robbins said...

I LOVE THE BLOG! Glad you found ours and sure miss you! you are hysterical typing about the kitty drama...laughed hard in my office!