Thursday, January 17, 2013

Glory in the Mundane - the honest truth about my struggles with contentment

I'm posting this link to a video a sweet friend sent me.
She knows of my struggles to find joy and fulfillment in the mundane.

I'm so guilty of feeling guilty about our ministry as a family. I often think we should and wish we could do more....more for family, more for the church, more for the lost. I'm guilt ridden that I don't have more hours in a day to be everything to everyone!

I am a passionate girl...about life and Jesus...and my kids...and my house....and loving people....And our church....and I'm SO excited about His work in my heart. I feel a fire and excitement about being missional, but I often feel my hands are "tied" at home with kids and potty training and school..... and to be vulnerable and raw with you, sometimes washing dishes doesn't seem like its anywhere near "reaching the lost and broken world".

If you peeked in my kitchen window while I'm washing dishes, a lot of days you'll find me deep in thought. What am I daydreaming out the window about? Everything ELSE I could be doing in this lost and dying world for Christ and how meaningless these dishes are. Okay, sometimes I'm thinking about paper plates and a nap....but you get the idea- what you'd see is a frown.

When people tell me "Your kids are your mission field and you are discipling them."...I want to say, "But people all over the world have done mission work all over the place and taken their kids with them- would we say they fail? No !!! So maybe I should go- and take them- and change things up."

The problem is, I probably would still feel I could be doing more. Even if I were living in a shanty in the remotest part of Africa. I would still have the fruit of God's work in me- a desire to reach the lost, but a very real struggle with discontentment and a "newfound passion".... The problem isn't my location or responsibilities...the problem is the posture of my heart.

Maybe all of this isn't making sense- I'm rambling. On an iPhone. While I'm supposed to be teaching 1st grade math...

This video was so incredibly refreshing to me today, a day that my heart-posture has been downward since my feet hit the floor.

Take a few minutes and watch this. I'm headed to my kitchen sink to do dishes while I talk about telling time with my 6 year old.....With a smile.

Glory in the Mundane

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