Thursday, August 23, 2012

See into my heart these days...homeschooling isn't for wimps.

Homeschooling is definitely not for everyone, it is NOT easy...(so many people act like homeschool moms sit and knit and sip hot tea all day while humming lullaby tunes and blogging and having "me time"...nuh-uh). Anyway, Its stressful...(and I have only one kid in school) and it might not always be for me, however, it is what we have committed our family to for now. And right now, I am thankful for every single minute...

Give ALL those tickles and giggles and smiles and tears and scraped knees and sweet unredeemable moments to another person for 8 ish hours a day?? I don't think so. .

Take Reagan to school and have her miss all the sweet fun she has with the other kids and me? I don't think so. .

If she was in school, I would pick her up at 3 ish from school if she didn't ride the bus, shuffle her home or to gymnastics or T-ball while I sat on the sidelines and watched. I'd take her home for homework and a quick dinner, maybe have a stressed-out rushed conversation here and there and then I'd shuffle her off to bed... All with the little babies in tow. Every. Single. Day...and do it all over again the next day? What fun is that for her? Or Shaun? (biblically supposed to be my number one priority) Or me? Or Hutch? Or Bentley? That's not life- not to me. I don't think so. .

How do people do it? I dunno... I would fail.

God gave these children to us as a blessing and a treasure and the most important responsibility we will ever have...I can't give that to another person all day five days a week. I know there are super moms out there who do it all wonderfully and successfully train children to love the Lord. I just know I can't. Or I wouldn't. I'd be too tired to.

It's not about the condition of our schools or a weird attachment's about their souls...and our family and Christ's name. I don't want to blink and realize they are grown...and that I've missed the point of it all in a selfish pursuit of the American Dream. I want to look different. I want to be different.

I will say, it's tempting...especially lately- as everyone goes to just stick her on that bus that passes by every morning before 7...and returns at 5. Something in me just can't let It happen...not yet.

Sheesh, this is what I get for blogging at midnight. It's the first free moment I've had all day...which reminds me, why is Shaun sleeping? I need a foot rub...

There are some pretty bold statements here about the advantages and disadvantages of beng a homeschool family. I like it. I like bold. Sometimes. :). This is from The Busy Homeschool Mom:.

Okay, I just have to say: this is a hard time of year for the "regular school" and "homeschool" moms to understand each other. Sometimes it can be downright depressing to watch other moms send their kids off to school and return to their houses to do ... well I can only imagine. :) My best friend sends her kids to "regular" school and so this is NOT a "dig" , it's just a reality check.

This morning I saw a status from a mom who was "elated" to finally have her children back in school... she was going to the mall by herself to celebrate... oh the plans she had, 7 hours to herself every day! No messy house. Peace and quiet. I admit, I felt the familiar sting of jealousy mixed with a bit of angst about all that was ahead for me this fall, minus my oldest two graduates ... And then, it hit me: homeschooling is a MONUMENTAL COMMITMENT. And it's not for everyone.

Homeschooling families choose:
—more messy house days
—more math lessons
—less "me" time
—less "quiet" time
—less income, most of the time
—less trips to the mall...or anyplace else... alone :)

But IN RETURN, if we do not lose heart, if we stay the course, the reward far exceeds the commitment we're making.

Homeschooling families also choose:
—more involvement, which means more influence with their children
—more TIME with their children, which means more memories to cherish and to use the influence we have
—more childhood, thanks to just being home more
—more opportunities to shape hearts and minds
—more insight into their children's hearts
—more educational options to meet individual needs
—more interaction, more hugs, more TIME. Did I mention more time? Oh yes, I did.
—more flexibility. Go to the park, bake cookies. Play.

Sometimes, "less" really is "more". And it doesn't mean that homeschooling is not hard or that putting your child in school doesn't have it's moments either. But as homeschooling moms, you're making a commitment to put your heart and soul into the lives of your children in a way that many people would not ever choose to do.

Will it be hard? You know it will. But it's worth it.

It's just so worth it! So don't be jealous of moms who have just sent their kids back to school. Instead, embrace the opportunity you have been given and make the most of the homeschool years. They really do go by fast. ♥

Another really good article on some reasons we should homeschool GUILT FREE...coming soon.

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Sarah Hill said...

I love this Candice. It makes me excited to homeschool my sweet girls. Of course I have a few years, but they will be here before I know it! I'm glad to know you and will be sure to use you as a resource when the time comes :)