Thursday, August 25, 2011

This little guy....

has my heart. And he's two today. He's TWO y'all.

It seems like yesterday we were racing to the hospital.

As we speak, he's stealing cookies and toys from his cousins, babbling a bunch of mess that he thinks we understand, being a comedian, climbing, running, jumping, singing (he loves to sing)......

He is a typical two year old.

He loves life.....and snacks. Life IS snacks when you're a two year old. Snacks and wrestling with daddy.

We are on vacation. I took a typing break to watch the madness that is all these kids running around playing. I watched him eat a popsicle, drink some juice and whack his daddy in the head which ensued a wrestling match. S0 my previous sentence was accurate. Snacks.....and wrestling.

I'm just telling you - there is something so sweet and different about what I feel for him - my son. It's special.

My prayer for him is that he'd become a strong, courageous man who loves the Lord. In whatever role God places him.....son, brother, husband, father.....I want his life to be a reflection of Christ.

A cookie stealing sinner - saved by grace.

So for now - we discipline the behaviors of a typical two year old. We watch and wait for character training opportunities as he grows older. We pray for his heart to be softened and molded into something Christ-like. And we soak up every minute - because they are fleeting.

He is my blonde haired blue eyed baby boy - and he always will be.

Even when his diaper droops to the ground - full of poop - stinking up the whole room - while I type blog posts...

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