Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gracious me-time flies

It's hitting me today as I watch my once 4lbs bentley now 15lbs walking around the coffee table...time flies.

It's hitting me today as I listen to my sweet 2 year old little boy saying goofy sounding non-words working hard to make sentences....time flies.

It's hitting me today that she's 5. She's....5. In kindergarten. And she's learning to read and write and reason...time flies.

Each moment is a treasure and I want them all to myself.

I am so thankful today-God is allowing me to be home with my little ones-

I would not want to give these moments to another.

There are days that seem mundane.

There are days I would love to drop them off an go do my own thing.

There are people who often ask me.... "what do you do with all that time?"

People act like you can't be a "success" if you aren't serving in the "professional" realm.

To those people, I say, that's a worldly idea-and I don't live to please the world. It doesn't make me dumber or less in the Lord's eyes. In fact, his reward for obedience is great.

This home is where joy in obedience is more often than not, easily found.

I have plenty to do-when you consider the huge task of discipling our children, keeping a home.....really keeping a home, and caring for a husband.

I love my job. I don't feel like I'm less of a success for staying home.

And I am happy to obey.

8 months ago. Seems like yesterday.

Bentley at 2 weeks old.

Just the other day.

She's crawling and so full of life.

Home is where MY heart is.

I'm not sure how this link will work posting from my iPhone-but it's a YouTube video you must watch.

Here's the link:

Selah-Moments like This

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