Monday, May 9, 2011

Structure? Schedule? Order?

lately - most days - we are "being run by the day" instead of "running the day" as my sweet hubs often says when his alarm doesn't go off in the morning.

He hates days like that......

That just IS my life these days.

I guess it's all part of being a mother of little ones.

This too shall pass, right?

I do, so often, feel like the day runs me. Soooo....we turn up with mounds of unwashed or unfolded laundry (it's always one or the other), a car that looks like we live in it, tall grass and frizzy hair.

Lots more is unfinished or unkempt, but those things just stand out to me when they are undone - especially the hair.

But do you know what? Lately, as the day runs me, I have been enjoying some fun moments with my kids - because I'm working hard to overcome the battle within that tells me to shush them, send them away, and make my house perfect.

I've just been overcome with emotion lately at the thought of them growing up. I'm seeing my nieces and nephews turn into tweens and teens - and it scares me. I want to soak up these "little" days while they are here - so I can relish the tween and teen years without regret.

Here are some of our fun moments from the past few weeks....

.......see what i mean by frizzy hair??

So when I feel discouraged by the fact that I am not supermom. I am encouraged to know that many many women have gone before me, done this same thing, and come out alive!

I'm off to smack a chubby, rosy cheek - with my lips.

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Kelcie said...

I love hearing stories and seeing pictures of your sweet family! Hope to see yall soon!