Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bentley on Board

We actually did make a room for Bentley before she was born - I am just now getting around to posting a picture of my favorite part of the room!

I saw this yellow crib at a local thrift store - it was $40. It might fall apart when she gets to be Hutch's age and starts treating it like a trampoline, but for now - it's just what we need.

I found this fence gate on the side of the road one day - so we routed the edges, bought some white $1.99 letters at Hobby Lobby and gave it a light mist with some green spray paint. Then I took the sander to it.

Ain't it cute?

I have a feeling it will also be mounted above her toddler bed, big girl bed and hopefully it will hang around on her wall until she's old enough to tell me she wants a Bentley to drive. aunt told me we are going to just have to buy her a Bentley when she turns 16. I told Shaun that - he said - "Should've named her Taurus, or Pinto".

He's weird.

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Kelcie said...

That's adorable. You're so creative!