Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Squinty Faces, Lakes of Chocolate
and Foot Rubs

We've been acting a little weird at our house lately. I don't know if it's the fresh mowed grass, the smell of the stain we're putting on the front porch or just the plain silliness of Shaun rubbing off on us. Whichever it is, probably the latter, it makes for good stories.

Hutch has been making us all laugh with his squints and snorts. He's already hammin it up and we are loving every minute of it. He makes us smile - and that's medicine for the soul - especially when I'm sick and it doesn't seem there is much to smile about. can see a couple of the posts on our awesome new porch back behind him. As soon as we finish the miles of staining - I'll post some pics that will blow your mind away. It's awesomeness.

He really does make this face on cue.
Just to make us laugh. It's hilarious.

Now for Reagan. This first thing - I don't have a picture of - so let me just tell you. We have what I would call "hardwood landings" at both of the exterior doors in our master suite. Yes - we have two exterior doors in our master. Anyway, they are a dark chocolate color. This morning I found Reagan licking the floor. I immediately told her to quit and asked what's with the strange behavior.

She said to me : "Mommy! (said like a duh-mom kind of way) I'm playing in the chocolate lakes. And it tastes soooo good. I probably won't be hungry at lunch. Sorry about that. Oh no, I'm sinking, I'm sinking!"

I told y'all - weird.

On another note that's not so weird. And a very sweet way to get out of a nap, might I add. Reagan gives awesome foot rubs. And I let her skip her nap for it. And every time she stops rubbing - I say it's naptime. Yep - I'm a selfish, scheming mom. Ok, so maybe it is weird after all.

This is baby 3 at 11 weeks.
I didn't know it was so much of a baby at 11 weeks.

Legs and arms kicking.
Heart rate 176.
Reagan's heart rate hung out in the 170's
and Hutch's in the 140's.

What do y'all think? Girl? Boy?