Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Newness All Around

The past few weeks has brought on a lot of change for us.

My sister - Cori - gave birth to her second born.
Sophie Grace Shivley.
She is a perfect 7 lbs. 1 oz.

I can't wait to hold her.
She's in Colorado right now, but will be moving to
Rogers, Arkansas very soon! Yay!

We recently found out we are going to have
another baby in November.

That'll make 13 grandbabies for the Hair side
and 6 for the Angeletti side.

We decided to go ahead and build a front porch on our house -
and we are leaning towards removing the
For Sale sign from our yard.

Our porch wraps around the front of our house and it's
10 feet by 50 feet of glorious outdoor space.
I LOVE IT - and it's not even done.

Pictures to come.

And grilled zuchinni.

Not on the blog -in my mouth - from the grill - on our new porch.

Get it? Good.

We recently had serious flooding in our part of the nation.
We are blessed and our house was as dry as a summer day.
That's because Shaun re-graded the slope in front of our
house so the water drains away. And drain away it did, because...
our yard - not so dry. It was like a lake!

Also - when I can't find Hutch - I just look behind the curtains.
He likes to CRAWL over there and hide.
Yup, that's right. I said CRAWL.
I just might lose my baby weight from him after all.
Is that possible when you're preggers?


Jill said...

Yay, he's crawling! I can hardly wait to see his little cute self moving around in the nursery.

Mel said...

How fun, you will love your porch! And it is so cute that he crawls behind the curtains!