Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning ? At 26? You better believe it!

Ok. So I'm learning a lot of new things lately. Fun things. Spiritual things. Educational things. Child rearing things. So many things to learn.

The shortened version is:

1. I cannot trust my emotions. They do not speak truth to me.

2. When we discipline our children - we are not only teaching them obedience because it's right, but we are showing them a picture of how God deals with his people in disobedience and obedience to Him.

3. Pine needles make great mulch! And they are free.

4. It IS possible, all you people that said it wasn't, to have a baby as good as Reagan. Hutch is seriously even more laid back than she was.

5. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is a good book. And Shaun is an awesome teacher.

6. We see in scripture that things are never as they seem in the natural realm. We cannot make quick judgments based on what we see with our eyes. God is always at work and we can trust that he will fulfill his promises. Even when it seems impossible. He ALWAYS does.

7. The way we learned Bible stories as children -- WEAK SAUCE. There is so much more to the story.

8. Apparently, nursing does not always prevent pregnancy. Because I'm preggers. And nursing.

9. ...continued from number 8... Isn't it amazing how sovereign God is over life? He gave us Reagan really quickly, and we waited for 3 years for Hutch. Now I'm preggo and Hutch will only be 15 months when this baby comes.

10. Having the occasional snake in your house kindof adds excitement.

11. It's sweet, really, to have a bird build a nest in your window, then you can watch the eggs every day until they hatch. I'm serious - same bird - same window - every spring.

12. Look around you....EVERY THING you see - has no eternal value. None.

13. Our church is doing a little discussion thing on Sunday nights where we talk about the sermon from that morning. I am LOVING getting to know the hearts of other church members.

14. My mom - aside from Shaun - is my best friend.

15. I look at my kids and think - THIS is what God has called me to do. It's a good feeling to know.

God is so so good.

He knows my situation.

He gives me EXACTLY what I need and no more than I can handle.

His promises are true.

And life is good, because He is good.


Jordan Thomas said...

Congratulations on #3! I didn't know you guys were expecting again! God IS so good! --Tracy

Mel said...

Bryant told me that pine needles are great as mulch! Half of our flower bed in our backyard is covered in pine needles.

I was halfway through S.L. when we started the bible study. I put it down but do want to finish it. Very good!

I love how Iva says we can never trust the natural realm. i think about that all the time!

Julie said...

Congratulations!! I'm very excited for ya'll. I have got to come meet all the new babes!