Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Clean-Out

This kind of spring cleaning is fun.......

Spring Cleaning for Your Blog

....but I feel more like this...

De-cluttering needs to happen first.
A little at a time.

It's spring clean-out time. (Even though there is still snow in the forecast).

I am so excited to spring clean-out this year.

Do you find that you just accumulate stuff? Especially with kids?

I mean - seriously - who needs 50 onesies for their baby?

What 3 year old needs 30 pair of shoes?

Did we really keep EVERY happy meal toy?

Why do I have three closets full of clothes (the spring, the winter and the preggo ones).

Yeah, that's right....three.

Do I really need 15 sets of sheets?

See, my problem is....I'm a consignment/goodwill shopper. Which means, I probably ultimately buy more than I should because it's cheap. Don't get me wrong. I love the cheap part - but c'mon - some self control would be nice!

It is plain ridiculous.

So, let the cleaning begin.


Any volunteers to help?

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