Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Lunch That Makes Me Vomit

I wanna know which of you has taught my daughter about "Bologna Rolls" and "Cheetos dipped in Peanut Butter" ?

Bologna Roll ? You ask ? Well, it's a piece of Bologna, some mayo or mustard as glue, a piece of cheese and then it's all rolled up - like a fruit roll up - she tells me.

C'mon. Fess up. Someone she's spent time with has done both of these things and she informed me about it today at the lunch table. Apparently she can't "remember" who it was.

How convenient.

It was probably Papa. Or Shaun. Weirdos.

And I present.....the Bologna Roll! I call it the Nasta Nast Roll.

Do ya see the apples? I was feeding her apples with peanut butter. Normal, right? Oh, no - she needed Cheetos to dip in the peanut butter.

This is Hutch. I'm weaning him. He's not too happy about it most days. He does, however, hold his own bottle. My sis-in-law Gina said it well when she said FREEDOM!

Do you have any weird food combos at your house? I'm up for trying anything - and apparently Reagan is too. I can't wait to hear your ideas!


jo said...

Be assured it was not me. How very unclassy. Prob. Shaun.

Shaun said...

Look, I thought she could keep a secret.

Julie said...

I would vote for Papa. Sounds like something a Hair boy would do! I love banana and mayo sandwiches. Most people up here think it's gross. Is it just a southern thing?

Anonymous said...