Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eternal Perspective

“The astonishing thing is that people can become religious without being converted. That is, they join churches and start reading the Bible and doing religious things with no change in the foundation of their happiness: It is still themselves. They are the ground of their joy.”
John Piper

If we ourselves are the source of our own joy, we will live in constant failure and disappointment....because we are only sinners. Apart from Christ, everything would seem temporary and hopeless.

Where does your joy come from? To me, joy usually stems from a deep thankfulness in my heart. I have eternal hope, life, family. It's becoming such a reality lately how temporary everything in this life is - except Christ. If we don't have Him - how can we live in thankfulness and joy?

Oh, Lord. Let us not have a minute of rest until we are sure our soul belongs to you.

And then, when someone asks, "where does your joy come from?".....may we be able to give a confident answer for the hope that lies within us.

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