Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Search of "Hutch's" Bedding

Ok. So, for the sake of saving money, I've decided to use the white crib for baby "Hutch" - still not sure about the name, although, Shaun did call him Hutch the other day. Bentley is still in the running though.

Why in the world is EVERYTHING boy themed. It's either frogs or monkeys or baseball or fire trucks or zoo animals....I could go on and on. I just want some classic looking bumper pads.

What are the chances of making some of my own? Maybe Bebe can help me with that one.

Anyone know of a good place to find baby bedding for boys? Anyone ever made bumper pads of their own?

I really love the RH Baby site and Land of Nod and Pottery Barn, but they are all expensive. I need cheap and classic. I know, hard to find.

In the meantime - while you find me cute bedding - I'm going to finish my kitchen and get some pictures posted on here. It's fantabulous!


Jo said...

Try some second hand places. You never know? We kept our babes in a bassinet until they didn't need a bumper pad anyway. Just a thought.

kate said...

you can definitely make your own! a friend of mine made all the bedding and accessories. they had found some vintage-looking fighter plane fabric (dad is a pilot) and it was pretty cute.