Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Ten Christmas Traditions

It seems that it's becoming a tradition
that Reagan runs around with garland
on her neck. She loves that stuff!


1. Watching my mom put up her GINORMOUS Christmas tree the first week of November, yes, that's right, I said November.

2. Decorating the church (this was the first year I did it, but I'm hoping it becomes a tradition, it was so much fun!)

3. Christmas with both my mom and my dad's extended families the week before Christmas.

I love my Mom's extended family, they are all so crazy. Usually this get together is filled with homemade gifts from my talented aunts and more children than adults. People travel from all over to my parent's house. I love the fellowship. More than anything I love seeing my mom with her family. She doesn't see them much. There are 12 brothers and sisters, and when they are all together it's so wonderful.

My dad's side of the family has a stocking for EVERYONE...that means 70-100 stockings. You bring one thing for each stocking....even if it's a peppermint. All these people are in one house, eating the best Italian food you've ever tasted; and tons of it. Popie has made a special book for each person, every year - filled with favorite memories, poems, sayings, newspaper clippings and pictures from the previous year. It's a family favorite.

4. Every Christmas Eve we go to my Mom and Dad's house for crab legs, potatoes, corn and rolls. We've done this for as long as I can remember. After we eat everyone opens a special gift. It is ALWAYS matching pajamas. Now that everyone is married, mom has 6 sets of pajamas to buy - not including hers and dads.

5. Shaun and I put on Christmas music and turn on a pot of hot water for hot chocolate, tea or coffee while we put up the Christmas tree. This year will be a little more fun because we'll be able to let Reagan participate instead of trying to keep her away.

6. We read the Christmas story every year on Christmas morning.

7. We always go to a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

8. Shaun and I always find time for just the two of us. We eat dinner and open gifts from one another. With the busyness of the season, it can be hard to find a time for this, but we make sure we do. This year we want to make special family time for Reagan too.

9. Our church gives gifts to children who have a parent in prison. The children never know the gift came from us. I think it's as sweet ministry.

10. We have family get together every year with the Hair family too. I love, love, love the games, coffee, Papa's rolling fire, the sound of kiddos running up and down the stairs, having no place to go potty except that little kitchen bathroom because there is a baby sleeping in every single room, and sweet sweet fellowship with the family. I think the games are my favorite! :) I hated games until I married Shaun. Now I love them, except for Monopoly and Triopoly.

I know there are many more traditions I could think of. This is such a special time of year to me. I will always cherish the years I had at home and the traditions there. I want to create a fun and meaningful Christmas season in our home too. As Reagan gets older, I'm seeing the importance of this. As Reagan and I have been singing Happy Birthday to Jesus this year, I'm reminded that it's not about being busy or seeing family or playing games, it's about Jesus. The Savior of the world. I pray Reagan learns about that first. Christ is the foundation on which we should build all these fun traditions. Can't wait to hear yours!

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Jo said...

Great List. Amen to No Triopoly. Tell SHaun that can be my Christmas present - to not ever have to SEE that game again!!!!

Jo said...

Its a good thing your table and chairs were so comfy to endure all that torture and we had the little piano to play.

Candice Hair said...

hehe. Amen to that piano. It saves me in a lot of bored moments. Now you know, if I play it when you're around....I'm bored!

Julie said...

Ruthie was sitting on my lap when I read your post and she kept saying "I want to see Reagan." She laughed every time I showed her the picture- I think she can tell they're close in age or something!

Candice Hair said...

Aw. How cute! We miss you guys! I wish it was a Thanksgiving tradition that you came to Memphis every year :)