Monday, November 24, 2008

My Best Friend

Let me just start by saying I have the most brilliant, hard working, talented, selfless husband in the world. He is my best friend.

He has been so busy lately. Friday, he got up at 4:30 to go work out at 5, went to a conference all day, drove an hour home and helped me get ready for company. Saturday morning, he moved furniture so that I could polyurethane our wood floors (which looks awesome, by the way).....he played football, came home and took Reagan and I to dinner. Since we had done our floors we stayed the night Saturday night at Bebe and Papa's house. It was no surprise to me that by 11:00 Saturday night, Shaun was bushed. He went on to bed.

I knew I wasn't feeling well, but I figured it was just soreness since I've been trying to work out too. Well, not so much. At about midnight I started throwing up. At my in-laws house! How embarrassing! I'm sure the whole house heard me. I thought I was dying. Seriously, we almost went to the hospital.

Shaun somehow managed to take care of Reagan, call the doctor and get a prescription called in for me and call the church to have them let the Sunday School class know we wouldn't be there. He also went and got my prescription, soup and Sprite - - all while checking in on me every 15 minutes. Not to mention that he could hardly walk from Friday's leg workout.

He's a prince. He is my best friend (did I already say that?). I love him so much.

So today, I'm still not feeling so hot. He got up at 4:30 again, went to work out, has been in court all morning....standing before a judge and taking care of clients......and now.....guess what he's doing ? ? ? He just called to say he's on the way home with lunch for me.

Oh, how I wish you could all experience my wonderful hubby.

Hands off! He's mine!

He is a good man.

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