Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tag, You're It!

So, I've been tagged by Jo. I am supposed to come up with seven random things about me. I'm guessing that is what I am supposed to do. Believe me when I say I am having NO trouble doing this, because my life is randomness!

1. Growing up, my sisters used to make fun of me because I hated going anywhere away from home, even as a teen and young adult. They used to say I was going to live close to my parents forever......and now, I live two doors down! I STILL have a hard time leaving when Shaun and I go on vacation. How silly.

2. Before I met Shaun, I took the LSAT in preparation for law school, which I hoped to attend at the University of Memphis. Little did I know I would marry a lawyer who graduated from the University of Memphis and be a stay at home mommy! I wouldn't have it any other way. He's a better lawyer than I would have been and I'm a better mommy than him :)

3. I grew up a gymnast.....always making fun of cheerleaders.....my junior year I was given the opportunity to either do gymnastics at Georgia or try out for cheerleading at Arkansas. I opted for Arkansas (because it was closer to home). I cheered for the first time my senior year and went on to cheer for the Razorbacks. THAT was randomness because I really despised cheerleaders. I must say, though, cheering in college was different than the drama of high school.

4. I had a childhood blankie called pee pee. Enough said.

5. Kindof like Jo, Shaun and I have grandparents with the same name. Shaun and I both have grandfathers named W.L. and John.

6. When I was sixteen I would often cruise the town after school with my sister. We would see this mail man and honk at him. He was SOOO cute. Blonde hair, tan skin, that uniform.....mmm mmm good. Anyway, I must keep this g-rated. He was WAY too old for me. After all, he was Gina's older brother, and even she was a couple of years older than me! Turns out I married that hot mail man! He puts on his mail man uniform for me every now and then :) Just kidding.

7. I have a thing for chips and salsa. Any day, any time. When I am sick, it's my chicken broth. (chicken broth with LOTS of garlic is my grandmother's common cold cure). Anyway, chips and salsa warm my soul.

I'm not tagging anyone, since no one really reads my blog. Or at least the people that do don't have blogs. If you are reading and you want to post randomness, you can either post a comment with your blog address or post a comment about your randomness.

Have a wonderfully random day.

Don't forget to vote. Don't be random about that.


Jo said...

Thanks for the smiles. I had a good laugh about the mail man. I totally forgot he did that for a time. Funny stuff. Hope you guys have a great day!

sethswifeforlife said...

That is funny about your hubby once being a mail man...and now a lawyer, eh? Fun!
Thanks for sharing. Hope you are doing well!

SH said...

AH. Delivering the mail. It was good times. I never looked so good than in a striped, short-sleeve button up.