Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Potty Training? Not so much!

Reagan went to the potty yesterday morning. It was a beautifully wonderful steady stream of tee tee. Awesome, right?

Well, the rest of the day, she wet her big girl panties.

Literally, I wrote yesterday's post, got her off the potty, put on big girl panties and within 10 minutes, we were cleaning tee tee off the floor.

She is wearing those training panties, so they catch some tee tee, but definitely not all of it.

Before lunch yesterday we were back in diapers....because we ran out of clean training panties.

Maybe she's not so ready after all.

I welcome all of your input on potty training.

Comment, call me, e-mail me, or just come do it for me.

Shaun, you can't give me tips, unless the tip is that you're coming home to potty train.

So, if you're reading this, and you have any ideas for me....let me know!


Jo said...

Ellie's first day was identical to Reagans it sounds like. In fact - I put her back in a diaper all day for the second day and didn't take her to the potty once. We had stuff going on but on day 3 I got back to taking her every 10 minutes or so and she really started to make progress. WE're still not pooping on the potty. But I did buy some pull-ups that have the little wetness sensitive stars on the front and she talks about them quite a bit - whether they are still there or not. Also I give her candy everytime she goes. My friend suggests to give them lots to drink - so you have lots of opportunities for success in a day.
Also- I picked a week where we were home every day and I kept her out of nursery on Wed. night just to keep up the process........... longest comment ever- sorry.
Hang in there - she'll get it-

Julie said...

Hi Candice,
I'm going to try to keep this short because I could talk about this for a LONG time! I think the key is sticking with it once you start. Even if it doesn't seem like it's working. Going back and forth is confusing. So... like Jo said- try to carve out a whole week where you can just take her every ten minutes. You'll feel like you're spending all your time in the bathroom- and you probably are- and it's not very fun- but it will be worth it!
Good luck!!