Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joanna - My Sister-In-Law

Shaun's sister, Joanna and her hubby Eric and their children have become such sweet friends of ours over the past few years. Though they are family, we also feel like they are friends and mentours. We truly admire the way they are raising their children. We love, love, love their company. We always have the greatest time with them.

Joanna and Eric go out of their way so many times, just to have time with the family. Though it may be a pain to them, it makes us at least feel like they love us.....even if they don't :) They are very special to us.

Joanna has been encouraging to me in so many ways. I've just recently entered the world of motherhood and homemaking and Joanna has been a huge encouragement to me. She is a wonderful picture of what God intends for women to be. She pours her life into her home, her children and others....not a moment for self. I want to imitate this. I want to be an example so that others may be pointed to Christ.

She manages a beautiful home.
She homeschools three children while taking care of her fourth....who is two.
She is always respectful of her husband.
She is joyful....even in trials.
She loves scripture and is always learning more.....and sharing about it (which I love).
She is a great sister. Shaun adores her.
She is an incredible writer!

Joanna has a blog that will make you laugh hysterically, cry (hopefully not hysterically), learn and be inspired.

Visit her blog here: Jo's Kitchen Table

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Jo said...

HOw did I miss this post??? I am stunned. You are too sweet.