Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Could it be?? She is one??

Little Bentley Jo Hair.

Her head still barely reaches over the high chair tray, but she had no problems stuffing that tiny face with an entire cupcake in 4 short minutes.

She is our little cupcake.

She has five teeth, strawberry curls and blue eyes.

She started at 4 pounds and now she's 16.

She naps twice, sleeps 7-7, yells loudly and plays hard.

She started walking to mommy (emphasis on mommy) 2 weeks ago.

She has been known to ingest bugs, sand, gravel, crayons, hair bows, poop and.....cupcakes.

She crawls fastest when daddy walks in the door.

The only words she says clearly are daddy and bye bye.

Reagan makes her laugh. (with cute "imitating mommy" talk)

Hutch makes her cry. (with his rough hugs and kisses....and his throwing trains and toys and random stuff...)

God gave her to us. She brings so much joy to our hearts. I cannot fathom life without her.

Today commemorates the most painful day ever.... but it is still such a joyful thing...because I have this...praise the Lord for this angel.

God-we thank you for the life of sweet Bentley. We pray she will come to know you at an early age. We ask you to begin now, Lord, drawing her to yourself. More than success or worldly gain, we pray you and your ways will be her greatest desire and pleasure.

We love you Bentley Jo. Happy birthday.


jo said...

Such a precious description of that sweet little miracle. I love her. Still can't believe an entiremyear has passed. She is such a delight Nd going to be a firecracker I just know it. I told her to wear the name well. :)
Happy birthday bj from aunt Jo. Love y'all.

Julie said...

How sweet is she!!!