Friday, March 4, 2011

Then There Were Three - A Friend's Blog

I did a guest post for my sweet friend Kelcie's blog. She writes about everything from being a wife to mommyhood to fun happenings in her world. She's done everything from being editor in chief of a newspaper, to a columnist to now working for Family Magazine in Little Rock. I'm impressed with her wrap sheet - and flattered she'd ask me to write a post for her!

The blog post I did for her is called Hope All Up In Me

Hope you enjoy it.

Mostly, though, I hope you enjoy her blog. It's so cute.

Click any of the links to go there! Now! Do it!


Kelcie said...

Thanks so much Candice! I'm so excited to have you as my first guest blogger :)

Micaa Bags said...

Your story is full of hope! Thank you for sharing. Keep doing what you are doing. Bless you, cousin.