Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm refreshed by newly turned gravel today.

I sweet talked this really nice old guy - who shall remain nameless - who works for the county - to bring his big machinery and drag the gravel in our driveway today. If you've been to our house lately - you are as excited as I am about the fact that we might not have to dodge mud holes anymore. We will also have less whiplash.

Remodeling your house takes longer than you expect - always.

We had our wood floors refinished - courtesy of All State - after having some burst pipes during the deep freeze. It's been two weeks, and while the floors are finished - we are still waiting on painters to finish up the baseboard. While we are at it - we are getting a new island in our kitchen, because my dad loves me and because my old one was falling apart. Also, one thing leads to another and new counter tops and glass back splash are coming in also.....

Pics to come. It's gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

Cotton stuck in the earhole is the pits.

If you buy off brand Q-Tips, they will fall apart in your earhole......(is earhole a word? it has red squigglies under it - and so does the word squigglies )....leaving a ball of cotton deep down inside. So just spend the 10 more cents and buy Johnson and Johnson brand.

I am apparently not who you think I am.

According to a sweet friend - who again shall remain nameless - I look cute, sweet and innocent - but I am not....hehe....that makes me pee my pants a little with laughter.....

You can feel what you dust and get baby soft skin at the same time!

Dusting tip - put on an old cheapo cotton glove, spray dusting spray on it, and go to town. Seriously, y' works. You can dust so many more nooks and crannies that way. If you use enough dusting spray - your hand will be nice and oily soft when you're done.

Snot is salty.

My sweet 4 year old decided to inform me that while playing outside she often snacks on her snot just by licking her upper lip. Oh dear. She really did call it a salty snack.

My baby sister had another baby.

The first live, natural birth I've ever seen - other than birthing my own - It was incredible. God is amazing. Titus James is 8lbs 9oz fat. We are calling him Fatus James. He's so cute. Stories and pictures will come soon!

Modesty is more than I thought it was.

You should read this Modesty Heart Check.

I just figured out earhole is actually two words - I like it as one.


cori said...

can can, you are great! I love you and miss you and your family. Can't wait to come see the new first floor of your house. :)

Kristen said...

This is too funny. I like earhole as two words, too. I also like the fact that you call your nephew Fatus. Made me laugh out loud. Literally.